Meet the Team

Bob Corlett

President and Founder

(301) 570-6780

Bob Corlett is the founder and President of the firm. He’s been named as one of the 100 most influential people in staffing, is a nationally syndicated weekly writer for the American Cities Business Journals, a contributor for the Glassdoor for Employers blog, and is a founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board for The HR Examiner. Bob is a frequent speaker at meetings of the Society for Human Resources Management. Thousands of hiring executives read his monthly newsletter, and the Resource Center on this site contains hundreds of his articles on innovation, staffing, leadership and performance management. Bob has worked in the staffing industry since 1989, starting Staffing Advisors in 2002.

Kim Kistner

Director of Strategic Recruiting

(703) 349-3417

Kim has worked in corporate recruiting and executive search since 1997. Over the past ten years, Kim has led global recruiting teams for organizations like Booz Allen Hamilton, and filled positions for many of Washington’s leading organizations. Kim is the leader of our strategic recruiting efforts and is the master of our recruiting metrics, constantly monitoring every search, ensuring that the right people get the right message at the right time.

Ellen Greenwood

Director of Operations

(703) 532-3611

Ellen makes sure our clients, partners and staff have everything they need, when they need it, right at their fingertips. Whether the issue is launching a new client engagement or revamping our company software, Ellen ensures nobody and no piece of the process is overlooked. If you want to learn more about Staffing Advisors, call Ellen. If you have a great product you want to tell us about, call Ellen. We call her the “Director of All Things Important” because she makes the trains run on time while simultaneously helping the company invent what’s next.

Aileen Hedden

Project Director

(703) 246-9510

Since entering the staffing industry in 1998, Aileen has successfully completed more than 400 searches. Her career in executive search and staffing includes employee training, business operations consultation, market research, and end-to-end recruitment facilitation. Aileen leads our continuous recruiting process work.

Gina Schurman

Project Director

(703) 448-0466

Since joining Staffing Advisors as our first employee, Gina has completed more than 100 searches for our clients. Her career background includes work in five countries for international nonprofits and NGO’s, as well as service in the British Government.

Jennie Kinsfather

Project Director

(301) 317-8767

Prior to joining Staffing Advisors, Jennie built a successful career in both career counseling and nonprofit leadership, working for organizations such as Goodwill of Greater Washington and Service Source. Jennie has worked with Staffing Advisors since 2006, and has successfully completed over 200 executive searches.

Mitch Corlett

Digital Content Manager

(301) 579-3901

Do you like the website? Mitch’s project. Do you find the content helpful in our Resource Center, FAQs or newsletter? Yup, Mitch’s hand is in that too. He’s really gotten some mileage from that Creative Writing and English degree from Loyola University Chicago. Hopefully his keenly perceptive creative mind and attention to detail resulted in you, our cherished site visitor, finding exactly what you needed ... even when you weren’t quite sure what you came here looking for.

Brooke Lockhart

Operations Manager

(540) 678-4625

Brooke handles every aspect of our contracting, accounting and scheduling process. Some days she’s scheduling the launch of a search and sending invoices; other days she’s researching and testing a new process, analyzing a pivot table, or creating a management dashboard. Brooke is excited by anything you can call a “report”. After studying operations management and working in supply chain operations for a Fortune 500 firm, she’s putting her background to work developing better, faster, more efficient ways to serve our clients and candidates.

Margaret Szczepanik

Senior Research Analyst

(703) 349-3126

After studying mathematics and spending 10 years as a U.S. Air Force Intelligence Analyst, Margaret is putting her investigative skills to good use sourcing all crevices of the candidate marketplace. While integral to every aspect of our work, Margaret’s main focus is ensuring that our research team develops a unique, qualified, and diverse candidate pool for every search.

Billi Prugh

Research Coordinator

Billi works behind the scenes to keep our research team running on rails, freeing up Kim and Margaret to work their magic. It’s impossible to imagine the chaos that would ensue without Billi’s incredible productivity and fierce attention to detail. Billi has a strong background in the real estate, IT, and rental car industries.

Jennifer Wharton

Project Coordinator

(703) 349-2556

Jennifer is the first point of contact most candidates have with Staffing Advisors; we like to think of her as our Chief Protocol Officer, because she helps us all mind our manners. Jennifer works with the Project Directors on everything from reviewing applications to checking references. Her background includes marketing experience with several IT companies in Australia and product management support with MicroStrategy.

Lori Ebert

Project Coordinator

(703) 349-5622

As the right arm of the Project Directors, Lori schedules most of our interviews, working relentlessly to ensure that we offer convenient appointments that respect each candidate’s time, while keeping the search process moving quickly. (Air traffic controllers have it easy compared to Lori.) Previously, Lori used her formidable organizational skills to support the Mid Atlantic Partner at KPMG.