Beginning with the End in Mind

Results-Based Hiring Process Top ImageThe Results-Based Hiring® Process starts with a simple scenario: A year from today, you’re sitting across the table from your new hire for their first performance review. What business results did they need to achieve over the previous year for you to be thrilled with their performance?

Your results expectations are integral to our recruiting efforts, because research shows that top performers are drawn to challenge. But high productivity and long-term employee retention can only occur when candidates also “fit in” to your culture.

We don’t rely on finding top performers with all the right skills and cultural values in our database, nor do we expect them to respond to job advertising. Instead, we thoroughly research the potential candidate pool, and directly contact hundreds of people within days of launching your search.

Before you walk into your first candidate interview, we brief you on the market factors that will affect your ability to retain your new hire. In this, and every other step of the hiring process, we serve as your partners in risk management, helping you make a rigorous, fully informed decision without stress or gamesmanship.

Facts at a Glance:

Most of our work is with clients who've engaged us 3 or more times: 80%
The vast majority of our placements stay with our clients 3 years or longer: 85%
Since 2006, we've successfully completed over: 600 searches