Hire with Complete Confidence

Executive Search Top ImageClients engage us to reduce their risk of making a bad hire, to reduce the demands on their time, and to be certain they hired the best available person for an open job.

The Results-Based Hiring® Process creates hiring certainty by following the principles of market research. We constantly observe, learn from, and adapt to factors in the job market that affect your search results.

We move quickly, taking you from the initial meeting to offer and acceptance in a few weeks–with a full slate of thoroughly vetted, highly qualified candidates. To ensure that the best people are considered – even if they are not actively looking for a job –  our candidate research team identifies and contacts hundreds of candidates during the first two weeks of your search. Simultaneously, we conduct sophisticated social media outreach campaigns to give you access to a broad cross-section of candidates. Our process is faster, more effective, and far less insular than traditional recruiting approaches (like calling people to ask who they know.)

But finding and recruiting good people is only part of the solution–reducing your risk of hiring the wrong person is equally important. We’ll help you conduct a rigorous interview process that reveals whether candidates will be a cultural fit.