Opening Keynote: BLR Recruiting Conference, Las Vegas, May 12-13

Opening Keynote: BLR Recruiting Conference, Las Vegas, May 12-13


Staffing Advisors President Bob Corlett will be presenting the keynote address at BLR’s Recruiting Conference in Las Vegas on May 12th.

“I probably should have named my presentation ‘The 3 Horsemen of the Recruiting Apocalypse,'” he kids. “Job seeker behavior changed more in the last 3 years than it did in the past 30, but most people were too busy to notice. Lucky them. I had to know why. I pored over all the dull research so the audience won't have to. In 45 minutes they can sip coffee while coming up to speed on the major forces that will continue to reshape the recruiting landscape.”

Google dominance, Reputation site Impact, and the rise of Mobile. It's a GRIM future for recruiting, until you understand and harness the forces reshaping candidate behavior. Happily, these trends are creating an unprecedented opportunity for HR professionals.

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