Social Media Only Makes Recruiting Fundamentals More Important

Social Media Only Makes Recruiting Fundamentals More Important

Every day I see more recruiters starting to engage with social media.  Understanding social media is no longer optional for recruiting professionals, your career will suffer if you are a Twidiot. But one of the most common mistakes I see from newbies is to assume the social media platforms are a strategy, or that somehow just using the tools will make much difference in their results.  (“Yup I tweeted my job posting, the resumes should be pouring in now”).

Twitter and Facebook are not a strategy, they are tools.  And social media tools are not going replace recruiting fundamentals, instead they will only shine a bright light on everything that is already wrong with your current recruiting process – they will, in fact, make your recruiting fundamentals even more important.

  • A badly written job description gets no more attention from great candidates just because you posted it on Facebook or Twitter – in fact it gets less because there is so much more competition now for people’s limited attention.
  • Attracting more candidates through a clever social media outreach campaign will only make you look bad to more people if your hiring process is flawed … in any way.
  • Candidates who have a poor interview experience with you now have so many more places to voice their disappointment, through Google’s Sidewiki, or GlassdoorDiigo, Twitter or other emerging sites.  And their comments will do more to define your recruiting brand than anything you are thinking about doing with your website.

So the rise of social media is clearly a mixed blessing.

Before the rise of social media I used to work for a guy who said “If the 60 Minutes News crew was filming our every action, would you do anything differently?  If so, change your behavior right now and then act like that camera is running every day.”   Now that social media is here to stay, I’d like to update that challenge to this:

If everyone who has any interaction with your recruiting process could post their experience on YouTube, what would you change about your recruiting process?  Then change it right now.

But just to be sure we’re on the same page with this idea, perhaps you’ll first want to watch this this YouTube video (watched over 14.4 million times) about Dave Carroll’s poor experience with United Airlines:

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