Your Recruiting Problems Are Getting Bigger

Your Recruiting Problems Are Getting Bigger

Recent Grad Social MediaA recent survey of students showed some astonishing results: 79% of students said social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were the key to engaging them in the idea of working for you.  But they don’t just want you to push out your jobs on social media, they actually want to engage with you.   42% said social media was the ideal platform for you to communicate your employer brand.  You know, two way communications.  Like people do.

OK, so that’s the upside of using social media in your recruiting efforts.  Big deal.  It’s a recession, they should be happy to get an interview with you.  (Until the recession is over and these very same people now have that ideal 3-5 years of experience you are always looking for…but hey, that’s a problem for later right?)

The immediate downside that affects you right now is that almost half of students use social media sites to verify if you are being authentic:

  • They want to know if the reality of working there is the same as what you portray in your job advertising and social media outreach.
  • They listen very carefully to the interview experiences of others.  That’s right.  How you treat people during the interview is now becoming an important part of your employment brand.

That’s why I say your recruiting problems are getting bigger.  Are you sure your recruiting process is really up to that kind of public scrutiny?

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