4 Dumb Job Interview Questions

4 Dumb Job Interview Questions


Like many of us, Kerry Sandberg Scott has many friends who are job hunting. And like almost all of us, Kerry has heard some interview questions that provide no valuable information about the candidate's actual abilities. Here are four interview questions Scott has classified as: “lame, useless interview questions.”

1.      What is your greatest weakness? Scott wonders if anyone actually answers this question honestly. Will you really admit to stealing office supplies? According to Scott, you should answer with a trait about yourself that you're unlikely to change ? She admits to being blunt.

2.      Where do you see yourself in five years? If you want to stay with the company you're interviewing for, that's great. However, if you want to be with a different company, you probably shouldn't mention that to the hiring manager. In that case, a vague answer might suit you best.

3.      We have a lot of candidates who are way more qualified than you are.  Why should we hire you?  Don't take this question personally; it is really a better reflection on the interviewer's management style than your own capabilities. Scott recalls many managers who gave the exact same speech to every candidate that applied, whether they were more qualified or not. So, simply answer why you're amazing – without getting offended.

4.      If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be? Is there really any right answer to this question? Can the manager really gain any knowledge from your answer? Scott understands no point to this question.

Brooke is currently the Logistics Specialist at Staffing Advisors, and was previously the editor of our candidate blog.